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* Upgrade twitter bootstrap modal JS.Aaron Kavlie2011-11-101-20/+36
* Add URL parsing for messages.Aaron Kavlie2011-11-091-1/+6
* Add code from HTML5 Boilerplate to prevent JS errors when console is unavaila...Aaron Kavlie2011-11-091-0/+4
* Replace global string replace for message type revisions with custom swapComm...Aaron Kavlie2011-11-061-4/+13
* Support PMsAaron Kavlie2011-11-051-0/+8
* Add connect dialog.Aaron Kavlie2011-11-021-0/+244
* Add ability to leave channels.Aaron Kavlie2011-10-242-0/+486
* Basic Backbone structure started, with messages appending to 'channel'.Aaron Kavlie2011-10-202-0/+1187