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* Remove backbone-socket.js -- wasn't going anywhere with that.Aaron Kavlie2011-11-041-4/+0
* Add message type to message el.className, so error messages (and soon events)...Aaron Kavlie2011-11-041-3/+3
* Error message handlingAaron Kavlie2011-11-034-40/+88
* Fix focusWindow ref; apply focus to first input ofof login dialog.Aaron Kavlie2011-11-031-1/+3
* Feature list updated in README.Aaron Kavlie2011-11-021-6/+5
* Add connect dialog.Aaron Kavlie2011-11-025-46/+363
* Merge pull request #11 from davidpadbury/e072296465981e7d4bAaron Kavlie2011-11-021-0/+1
| * Adding a .gitignore to ignore node_modulesDavid Padbury2011-11-021-0/+1
* Styling improvements. Add nick gutter to channelsAaron Kavlie2011-11-013-2/+33
* Revert to looking up models by name, not id. Part works now.Aaron Kavlie2011-11-012-17/+26
* Further styling tweaks; attempt to implement destroy on channel part. Turns o...Aaron Kavlie2011-11-013-5/+17
* Add constants for port & host; report on console when server started.Aaron Kavlie2011-11-011-1/+6
* Styling improvements for messages and tabs. Looking more presentable now.Aaron Kavlie2011-11-013-23/+62
* A number of styling changes:Aaron Kavlie2011-10-313-21/+53
* Save scroll position on focus switch. Auto-scroll to bottom on new message (b...Aaron Kavlie2011-10-301-9/+27
* Fix message variable reference.Aaron Kavlie2011-10-292-3/+1
* 'Channels' are now 'frames' (appropriate enough as a synonym for 'window' -- ...Aaron Kavlie2011-10-293-68/+65
* 'console' is now 'status'; channel names are now w stored as model id rather ...Aaron Kavlie2011-10-291-25/+15
* Cleanup of socket events on server.Aaron Kavlie2011-10-291-34/+13
* Put the rest of currently active commands through activateListener function.Aaron Kavlie2011-10-292-26/+9
* Nifty new activateListener() function to process list of all listener events....Aaron Kavlie2011-10-291-10/+35
* Handle /join command properly on the front endAaron Kavlie2011-10-272-9/+26
* Send IRC commands through to server.Aaron Kavlie2011-10-272-1/+10
* Add nick sidebar; show nicks for channel when selected.Aaron Kavlie2011-10-271-10/+28
* Channel nick sidebar added.Aaron Kavlie2011-10-274-5/+44
* Merge branch 'master' of github.com:akavlie/web-ircAaron Kavlie2011-10-271-4/+10
| * Fix formatting of install sectionAaron Kavlie2011-10-261-4/+10
* | Move JS to the bottom of the body.Aaron Kavlie2011-10-272-10/+12
* Add installation instructions to README.Aaron Kavlie2011-10-251-0/+11
* Add ability to say stuff in channels.Aaron Kavlie2011-10-253-2/+26
* Small README tweaks.Aaron Kavlie2011-10-251-7/+5
* Add README.Aaron Kavlie2011-10-251-0/+60
* Add MIT license.Aaron Kavlie2011-10-251-0/+20
* Add disconnect() method when socket is disconnected.Aaron Kavlie2011-10-251-0/+1
* Add ability to leave channels.Aaron Kavlie2011-10-247-11/+528
* Automatically size output window on app open & resize to take full window hei...Aaron Kavlie2011-10-242-9/+28
* Add console via app.joinChannel().Aaron Kavlie2011-10-242-12/+14
* Split motd into separate lines for proper formatting.Aaron Kavlie2011-10-242-3/+7
* Display motd in console. Lines not properly split up yet.Aaron Kavlie2011-10-243-15/+40
* CSS improvements.Aaron Kavlie2011-10-241-13/+18
* Per-channel messagingAaron Kavlie2011-10-224-28/+55
* Add active channel switching to view.Aaron Kavlie2011-10-223-6/+25
* Show channel tab at the top when channel is joined.Aaron Kavlie2011-10-213-25/+30
* qunit test infrastructure added.Aaron Kavlie2011-10-214-0/+1836
* A bunch of messy changes.Aaron Kavlie2011-10-213-8/+46
* Model fleshed out a wee bit.Aaron Kavlie2011-10-214-16/+113
* Basic Backbone structure started, with messages appending to 'channel'.Aaron Kavlie2011-10-205-1/+145
* Initial checkin.Aaron Kavlie2011-10-193-0/+1168