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* ultimos cambios antes de abandonarloHEADmasterReevo2014-05-182-2/+3
* agregado ToDo listReevo2014-05-041-0/+7
* cambios en el readmeReevo2014-05-041-4/+17
* funciones para demonioReevo2014-05-031-0/+0
* adaptaciones para reevoReevo2014-05-0310-426/+314
* Cambios en el readmeErnesto Bazzano2012-07-241-4/+6
* algunos archivos menosErnesto Bazzano2012-07-241-0/+1
* agregando modulosErnesto Bazzano2012-07-24613-1/+76130
* Saque archivos de másErnesto Bazzano2012-07-244-87/+8
* Cambios en el READMEErnesto Bazzano2012-07-241-0/+12
* Comienzo a forkearloErnesto Bazzano2012-07-248-39/+554
* Update README.mdAaron Kavlie2012-02-151-0/+2
* Add note about SubwayAaron Kavlie2012-02-151-5/+9
* Update README to reflect npm installation.Aaron Kavlie2011-11-301-9/+16
* Add shebang for execution of server.js & bin to package.jsonAaron Kavlie2011-11-303-2/+8
* Merge pull request #24 from lancelakey/masterAaron Kavlie2011-11-301-0/+14
| * adding package.json file for npm dependencies and for npm linkingLance Lakey2011-11-301-0/+14
* Fix private messages initiated by user.Aaron Kavlie2011-11-161-4/+3
* Fix autoscroll for new messages.Aaron Kavlie2011-11-141-8/+7
* Remove irc pseudo-namespace. Didn't have it applied to all of the events anyway.Aaron Kavlie2011-11-112-5/+5
* Remove hostname from socket io connect so it works everywhere.Aaron Kavlie2011-11-111-1/+2
* Move all public assets into public/ dir; change express config to accommodate.Aaron Kavlie2011-11-1110-2/+7
* Also add debug flag.Aaron Kavlie2011-11-111-0/+1
* Add showErrors flag on irc connection.Aaron Kavlie2011-11-111-0/+1
* Namespace socket events; handle empty channel list properly.Aaron Kavlie2011-11-112-6/+9
* Fix server config so app doesn't try to listen twice in production.Aaron Kavlie2011-11-111-2/+3
* Resolve minor tab highlighting issue; tighten up tab sizing & spacing.Aaron Kavlie2011-11-101-3/+6
* Add nodester deployment link to README.Aaron Kavlie2011-11-101-0/+5
* Change topic properly on switching channel focus; a few other minor tweaks & ...Aaron Kavlie2011-11-101-8/+8
* Upgrade twitter bootstrap modal JS.Aaron Kavlie2011-11-101-20/+36
* Add URL parsing for messages.Aaron Kavlie2011-11-093-10/+38
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'Aaron Kavlie2011-11-091-2/+2
| * Fix node-irc package name; edit functionality listAaron Kavlie2011-11-091-2/+2
* | Add code from HTML5 Boilerplate to prevent JS errors when console is unavaila...Aaron Kavlie2011-11-091-0/+4
* Add channel topicsAaron Kavlie2011-11-084-31/+105
* Update twitter bootstrap CSS path to 1.4.0Aaron Kavlie2011-11-081-1/+1
* Zap margin-right for test channel listings.Aaron Kavlie2011-11-081-5/+0
* Remove sidebar test channel listings and some commented out CSS.Aaron Kavlie2011-11-083-44/+0
* Add express to README installation instructions.Aaron Kavlie2011-11-081-2/+2
* Merge branch 'master' of github.com:akavlie/web-ircAaron Kavlie2011-11-071-2/+1
| * Small update to functionality list to reflect private message supportAaron Kavlie2011-11-061-2/+1
* | Big simplification of server.js thanks to express.js. No longer manually defi...Aaron Kavlie2011-11-071-34/+13
* Replace global string replace for message type revisions with custom swapComm...Aaron Kavlie2011-11-062-6/+15
* Restore files before nodester overwrite; change port.Aaron Kavlie2011-11-062-6/+88
* Initial commit via nodester-cliAaron Kavlie2011-11-052-88/+6
* Support PMsAaron Kavlie2011-11-053-12/+69
* Split out nick list into separate viewAaron Kavlie2011-11-051-9/+45
* Add nick change notifications. Works for channel stream; not yet for changing...Aaron Kavlie2011-11-042-0/+32
* Replace add with destroy on channel part.Aaron Kavlie2011-11-041-2/+7
* Add messages when users join or part a channel.Aaron Kavlie2011-11-041-6/+34